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Today I got an IUD. It went smooth with no problems. Very light spotting and no cramps! *happy dance*. I also found out that I lost ten pounds in the last week and a half. I now weigh 254lbs. So go me! This inspired me to go to the gym with Mom for half an hour. Fifteen minutes on the elliptical, ten on the bicycle and five walking around and cooling off. Now I am cooling down and planning my dinner. I'm thinking a basic sauce with mini shrimp and brown rice. Yum!
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Ahhh...the scent of freshly dyed hair. I do so love it when my hair is freshly altered. It inspires me to take better care of it. I went on a date tonight. I looked stunning...black dress shirt unbuttoned enough to be naughty, black and navy bra, short black skirt, and two inch black heels. He of course fully appreciated the look. So after a good round of *CENSORED* we went out to dinner at the only Italian place in Berea, Papa Leno's. It was...food I suppose. We had both been wanting Mexican but we walked up to the restaurant just as they were closing so no flirting with my favorite waiter tonight...which was a big shame. We then went back to his dorm and he dyed my hair black for me and painted my toe nails. You've gotta appreciate a man that will paint your toe nails. Overall it was a decent night and I wouldn't mind doing it again. He gives good conversation and *CENSORED*. So, yeah.
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So he called me....I haven't heard from him in a long time and I was almost over him so of course he had to call. At work...no less. And so I got flustered when I heard him on the phone and went down to spend my lunch hour and next thing I know I'm the thing on the menu.

That was all good cuz then I went back to work and didn't see him again until that night. Went to a party and there he was...sex walking...and he was entirely focused on me. I played it a little cool and next thing I know I'm going home with him. And we had an amazing night.

But the next day we rolled over looked at each other and BAM!!!! I fell again. It's horrible to roll over next to him and feel that tug in my heart strings that I know he doesn't feel.

And then to walk away and realize that I only love him when I'm in his arms...that makes me feel horrible. How do you love someone only in the minute? How can I just disconnect like that? it makes no sense and I'm not sure I like myself anymore if I can do that.
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*sings*Country roads take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia Mountain Momma
Take me home....

Well...it was a unique week filled with lots of confusioin a prophetic fortune cookie and eggs. I got a letter from Obnan today which was good. I started writing back and stuck a poem I wrote about me and him in there. Everything seems like it is going so fast. I worry about all kinds of things and never seem sure from one moment to the next of what's going on. I met all of Wallyworld's friends in West Virginia and some of them were cute. We ate Chinese food and my fortune cookie said that sometimes a good friendship is more important than a passionate romance. Which seems to be the story of my life...I always seem to fall for people who just want to be my friend. I miss my parents....they always seemed to make me feel better about the fact that I didn't have a boyfriend or that my boyfriend was an immature jerk who didn't really care about me. *Sigh* Welcome to adulthood I suppose....But I'm in love with Obnan who is half a world away and my nights are so lonely. I choose not to sleep with anyone because I don't want empty sex with no emotions and I don't want to be the girl who is convenient. I miss the time when the only people who touched me were in love with me.


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