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wrote the guitar music to a song I wrote the lyrics for a long time ago. It sounds pretty good and I really like it. I'm starting to experiment a little more with chords and just put my fingers on the strings to create different sounds. I'm just sorta making things up and not paying attention to protocal I suppose.

I read this book on the way down to Texas that was talking about consciousness-raising groups that they had in the 70s and I want to try and get one of those together. I'm writing a paper on the feminist religious movement. And so I've been looking at my own life and looking at the things I'm reading and trying to find a way for it to correlate because I've been experiencing some really awesome stuff.

I asked someone on a date today. At least I think it was a date. She's really sweet and we hung out a lot together at parties and stuff and she likes the music I write. We are going to hear a poet tomorrow at lunch and that should be fun. She's really pretty and I'm attracted to her a lot but she is about to go away for the summer and next semester so we couldn't develop a relationship and I'm not sure we would want to....I think it would be great if we could just become part of this awesome group of friends.


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