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I realized that I haven't really said much about how the martial arts training has been going. Well, in the last two months I've gotten two of the three strips I need to go up in belt color. I've been really enjoying it, which is the bigger thing, and I seem to be making some friends. People there are happy to see me and we've been talking for a few minutes after class about our lives. I think I am learning things fairly well and have been getting lots of compliments and encouragement.

Overall, one of the biggest changes is in my level of self-confidence. I do need to work some on my fear though. I'm having trouble engaging on some of the techniques because of my fear that I will hurt my training partner(s). It is kinda cool that I have that fear on some level though because it shows a change in thinking about myself. Before, I would never have seen myself as being capable of hurting someone else. I think now I am beginning to see and acknowledge my own power and my potential that it represents.
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So I went to the women's self-reliance workshop. It was amazing. I really felt powerful by the end of it. In the beginning, I was a little worried and nervous, but I got over it pretty well. The one-on-one scenarios at the end really did shake me a bit and I cried when it was over. But it was an emotional valve release rather than anything else. I have felt afraid for so very long. It was wonderful to feel in charge of myself and my body like that.

I went to check out their classes for adults tonight. I got a coupon from the workshop to have two weeks worth of classes free. I joined into the class tonight and felt very included. Everyone was very nice and patient. I have plans to join the class for the foreseeable future. One more step on the path to regaining my strength, and to becoming stronger than I ever was before.

ETA: Here's a pic of me in the one-on-one scenario.


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