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Autumn always seems to bring out the ant in my typical grasshopper self. Today I made two pierogy fillings: fried cabbage with bacon and potato with onion. They are chilling in the fridge now because I think they will spoon easier when not hot. I also cooked some spaghetti sauce from scratch and put it into a quart jar to go in the freezer after it's done cooling all the way. I bought some extra tomatoes this week, but I didn't get the rest of the ingredients to make more spaghetti sauce so I'm just going to make this one jar this time. I mixed up and froze a half dozen eggs. I get them in the farm share and don't use a full dozen a week, so I'm trying to freeze the surplus for when the farm share ends. Other plans for the day include blanching tomatoes to chop and freeze. I need to rest a bit though because blanching keeps me on my feet with no rest.

I did other chores today too. I stripped and remade my bed. I did laundry. I did dishes. I still have plenty that need to be done...but I cleaned the cat box and swept and mopped the kitchen yesterday. I suppose I could probably get away with just a vacuum.
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So far I have tried out a vegan mac n' cheese recipe that turned out great. Sly ate it no problem. She refused the chicken hot dogs, but ate the fake cheese. Go figure. And I officially love tofu for it's ability to trick my child.

I also made a bunch of gluten free gnocchi today. It took me about an hour. I had a lot of fun actually. Sly helped some with the rolling and such. I am very happy with the results. They are now in the freezer waiting on some culinary inspiration. I'm thinking about cooking some in some dairy-free butter with sage, salt and pepper. Maybe some basil too.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to start on the road to making gluten free pierogies. If nothing else, I'll make the fillings and get ready to really go the distance on Sunday. I'm thinking potato and onion for half of them and a fried cabbage and bacon filling for the others. I don't want to use the Daiya because I don't know how well it will turn out and I'd hate to waste that much effort. I suppose I could pick up some more nutritional yeast to make the potato and onion ones a little "cheesy".

I'm really enjoying getting to experiment with ingredients again. I am not quite brave enough to make bagels yet, but I've been eying some recipes. I may make some of my own bagels that are normal anyway because I've been toying with a basil and goat cheese idea.

Deity TV

Sep. 5th, 2010 02:04 pm
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At times, when I'm reading things I get flashes of images that entertain me muchly. I am currently reading my way through A History of Pagan Europe for the DP. Well, I'm in the chapter on Rome and the Western Mediterranean. They are discussing how the Roman gods were slowly overwritten to become identical to their Greek counterparts (or pretty near that) and that there was a kind of party for the gods where pairs were given sacrifices of food during open houses. These pairs were based on the Greek legends of relationships, not Roman, despite the deities being paired being Roman. For instance, Mars and Venus were paired despite having nothing to do with each other in Roman mythology to this point because Ares and Aphrodite (their Greek counterparts) were known as lovers. Anyway, my brain showed me a scene of Venus and Mars together at a party.

MARS: Well, they did put us in the same room together with all of this wine and a couch...*eyebrow waggle*
VENUS: *looking down her nose slightly* I don't care what they think. Just because those two *gestures to Ares feeding Aphrodite grapes while she giggles like a schoolgirl* are involved doesn't mean I want anything to do with your implement of war.

Sometimes it's fun to live in my brain.
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I awoke this morning to find Autumn in my bed. The chill of the morning came in through the window driving me deeper beneath the covers. Autumn is my favorite season. Hail the Earth Mother! Hail the Nature Spirits! It is so good to have my close friend back again. Many welcomes to my home.


Sep. 2nd, 2010 05:59 pm
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So I have internet again. Mostly, I'm doing pretty well all around. Lance's visit went really well. We had a lot of fun and I got to meet the rest of his friends here. It looks like I'll have a gaming group now which is made of awesome and win.

Also, I went back to martial arts class this week and got my yellow belt! WOOT! I'm so excited about that! Today I went into class a little early to have the chance to ground and center as it was the first time I wore my yellow belt. I'm glad I took the time though because I was the only first level student in class today and we focused on more advanced techniques than I was used to.

Lance and I went to King's Island, Cedar Point and The Beach while he was in. We also went down to Texas so he could meet my extended family and over to Georgia to visit his Mom. The visits went well and my family approves of him wholeheartedly. He got a big welcome to the family.

We went to Summerland and got to hang out with a bunch of ADF'ers. Lance really loved it and is wanting to join up. The Warrior's Guild has him very interested. We also bid and won two tickets to Desert Magic for next year. We are quite excited about that. It was wonderful for the two of us to get such an awesome festival kid-free and it was a great chance to connect.

I go pick up Sly from her dad's house on Monday. I'm looking forward to having her back. It feels like she's been gone for an eternity. I even had time to clean up her room, so yeah, she was gone a bit *grins*.

I'm going to run though. There's a drumming circle in about an hour and I've never driven there before so I want to head out. If it works out well, then I may be going to longer drumming event this weekend.
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The car is now loaded with the first trip worth of stuff. Almost anyway. I have a couple of more boxes and some random bags I'm going to tuck into the trunk. The plan is to take at least one car load, possibly two, a day over to the new place and unpack it. I should have everything out of here except the sheets I'm sleeping on and the furniture the movers need to take by Friday. Here's hoping. Thankfully I already had two suitcases and three footlockers packed. So that is one and a half loads to take over. I will not get overwhelmed...I will not get overwhelmed...I will not. *sighs* Here goes.
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I've been getting all sorts of food I've never had before from the CSA share. I'm currently trying a recipe for Austrian-Polish Yellow Wax Bean Soup. I've never cooked yellow wax beans before. But the soup smells delicious and I'm hoping it will be edible to baby palates. There really is no telling beforehand. Here's a link to the recipe that I more or less poked with a stick to end up with food:

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It's been almost exactly two weeks to the day since [livejournal.com profile] elf_baby finished her antibiotics for her last ear infection. And this morning she woke me up crying and telling me her ear hurts. She's sleeping now on some acetaminophen. I'm going to call her doctor in a few minutes and see about taking her in. I want to get them to run an allergy panel on her to find out what is causing all of the sinus drainage. She's had sinus drainage for about a week and a rough sounding cough for the last four days or so. I don't know as I'm going to ask for more antibiotics because that seems really soon to be using them again. I'll have to see what the doctor recommends.

Comfy Day

Jul. 2nd, 2010 01:25 pm
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Baking some bread. Well, technically I'm waiting on it to rise so I can shape it into rolls to bake it. Then we are going to a gathering of friends. I think today is going to be nice. Now to see if Lance will answer the phone for a few minutes.
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So I did the medical screening that the Army wants. I sent it to the local screening facility. They looked over it and called me back. Because I'm on Welbutrin XL I had to have my mental health screening re-done to reflect some sort of diagnoses. My doctor hadn't put anything down because it is situational depression expected to completely clear itself as soon as I'm with Lance and settled in.

So I take the paperwork back to my doctor and have the two pages re-done. Then I faxed them a copy and mailed the originals Priority Mail. This was last Monday.

I called yesterday to see if they received the papers and what the status of the forms that need to go on are. Basically, the woman I talked to doesn't know anything because she isn't part of the actual screening process...that's done by a doctor and a nurse. She did give me the phone number for the nurse.

Called the nurse and the paperwork was sent to Germany Friday, so now it's just a matter of waiting for it to come down from Heidelberg to Mannheim (which is only a 45 minute drive...) after it's been approved. I've been told it can take up to 30 business days to do that, but I'm praying it doesn't take that long. I'm going to burn some candles and stuff.
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I'm trying to figure out how to take Cornell style notes in Open Office. I can't seem to get exactly what I want and it's frustrating me. It took entirely too long to get the one page typed out that I managed so far. Took longer to type out the notes and fiddle with the format than it did to read the portion of the text I was taking notes on! Anyone have a good suggestion? I've googled it six ways to Sunday. I may end up having to take the notes by hand...which is frustrating because I really like being able to put up my DP stuff online so I am less likely to lose it completely. But I suppose I ought to print out the write-ups I have done so far and put them into a binder too. Just wish I could do it on the laptop. Potentially much faster.


Jun. 8th, 2010 07:57 pm
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I've been having ideas for a campaign running around in my head. I'm trying to flesh it out some. It's a modern setting. 'Course it's been YEARS since I've run anything. Being married to GM's tends to do that to you. I wish that I had more experience with modern settings and rules. Maybe I'll just write it up and pass it off to Lance. He's much better at running things than I am. But then I couldn't play. So yeah...just bubbling away in there.
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I finally broke down and bought a new laptop. The old one just wasn't cutting it anymore and I was getting tired of not having a computer upstairs. This laptop is sleek, light and does what I need it to. Plus it cost a quarter of what the last one cost me. Her name is Redemption. Now to just tweak everything to the way I like it. Gotta love that new laptop smell.
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I made it back to OH last night from Germany. I'm going to be moving back to Germany as soon as possible. [livejournal.com profile] elvnsword and I are working out a new custody agreement right now to let me take [livejournal.com profile] elf_baby with me. It's been hard going and hard negotiating, but we are both doing our bests to put her first.

Lance is going to be ok as it stands right now. They still have a number of tests to run and there are some surgeries in his future, but none of it looks to be super serious. I'm still working to be there before he has surgery on his jaw this summer.

As it stands, I'll be coming back to the states every three months for the next year and hanging out for three weeks. So if anyone has some suggestions of interesting things I can look into doing, that would be awesome.

I am ok. I will get through this.
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I realized that I haven't really said much about how the martial arts training has been going. Well, in the last two months I've gotten two of the three strips I need to go up in belt color. I've been really enjoying it, which is the bigger thing, and I seem to be making some friends. People there are happy to see me and we've been talking for a few minutes after class about our lives. I think I am learning things fairly well and have been getting lots of compliments and encouragement.

Overall, one of the biggest changes is in my level of self-confidence. I do need to work some on my fear though. I'm having trouble engaging on some of the techniques because of my fear that I will hurt my training partner(s). It is kinda cool that I have that fear on some level though because it shows a change in thinking about myself. Before, I would never have seen myself as being capable of hurting someone else. I think now I am beginning to see and acknowledge my own power and my potential that it represents.
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First off, let me say that for my first Pagan festival/gathering, this was wonderful. The food was great, the people were better and I only froze my ass off half the nights in the tent. Really, I should have packed another blanket (I had intended to, it just got lost in the shuffle).

Having a child-free event meant that I got to go to almost every workshop. I missed the last workshop scheduled because I forgot it was happening. Which kind of bummed me out because I really had wanted to go. But all the other workshops I made it to were very nice.

Even with all the enjoyment and the casual feel of the event I still had some pretty significant religious experiences while there. I did some guided meditation exercises that really stretched those mental muscles that I haven't used as much as I would have liked since [livejournal.com profile] elf_baby has been born.

I went to a Shamanic Trance workshop and we traveled to the Underworld twice. Romping around down there, I met up with a new Spirit Totem. Apparently I'm going to be the bug lady because now I not only have Spider watching and helping, now I have Ant too. I'm feeling very blessed though that they both chose to help me and guide me. I also saw a whole plethora of animals while I was down there.

It seems that most of the animals I saw while down there are based in Alaska. Which is sort of amusing to me as a concept. I see the Underworld as Alaska...hmmm. Anyway, I'm thinking I'm going to talk to Lance about my going up to Alaska to visit my mother this summer. Maybe some other things will fall into place there.

I did a tarot reading for someone while there. That worked out well. After all of the meditating and time spent in sacred space, it really seemed to just flow out of me in a stream. I was happy to be finding that place in myself where answers are again.

Other things I realized were not quite as flattering. I do not have as personally connected relationship as I should. I have been busy, but I also have not been prioritizing as I think I ought to. Of course my daughter is and should continue to be my first priority. But I haven't been using my free time well. I am not pious anymore. I want to change that.

I also bought the printed copy of the Dedicants Program for the ADF and a print copy of the Wheel of the Year guide that accompanies it and breaks down each step to do by weeks. I had it highly recommended to me.

More later on some of the experiences and insights I garnered.
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At the end of this week there is a gathering of ADF druids in Virginia. It happens to be an hour away from where I need to pick up [livejournal.com profile] elf_baby from her visit with [livejournal.com profile] elvnsword. I have a tent already and just have a few other things to pick up to make my adventure. I am very excited having never been to a Pagan event like this before. And it's nice to be able to plan stuff like this when [livejournal.com profile] elf_baby is away and being taken care of so I don't have to worry about her. I leave tomorrow morning to head out that way. Tonight I have to buy sunblock, water and a few other things and then finish emptying out my car so I get better gas mileage heading out there. I am *so* excited. WOOT!
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So I went to the women's self-reliance workshop. It was amazing. I really felt powerful by the end of it. In the beginning, I was a little worried and nervous, but I got over it pretty well. The one-on-one scenarios at the end really did shake me a bit and I cried when it was over. But it was an emotional valve release rather than anything else. I have felt afraid for so very long. It was wonderful to feel in charge of myself and my body like that.

I went to check out their classes for adults tonight. I got a coupon from the workshop to have two weeks worth of classes free. I joined into the class tonight and felt very included. Everyone was very nice and patient. I have plans to join the class for the foreseeable future. One more step on the path to regaining my strength, and to becoming stronger than I ever was before.

ETA: Here's a pic of me in the one-on-one scenario.
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December 21st:
My divorce was final today. It went without incident and I promptly got the decree faxed to me and sent it off to the marriage people in Montana who were doing my double proxy marriage. Lance was supposed to come in at night on the 21st but the massive snowstorm that swamped the Northeast kept him from making his flight and so he had to fly stand-by.

December 22nd:
All of my household goods were delivered in the morning. It went without incident and nothing was broken. I had it all put into MIL's garage. Lance came home around noon. It was wonderful to see him. *insert girly mushiness*

December 23rd:
Lance, Sylvia and I went and had family pictures taken. The pictures came out great and will make their way onto the internet at some point in the near-ish future. Also, I had my last appointment with the oral surgeon and received a clean bill of health. We also went to the BX (military shopping center) so Lance could look for a robe for his Mom for Yule. We went to see Avatar as a date that night. Great movie, beautiful screen work and I liked the message.

December 24th:
We opened all of our presents today. It went really wonderfully and we had a great time. We also went and picked up plywood to redo my MIL's attic space. It didn't have any floorboards. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening putting down floorboards. We took Sylvia to see The Princess and the Frog, which she loved. The music was great! Then we had a wonderful relaxing soak in the hot tub. It was just the two of us and very romantic with all the raining. This is the day in my heart that we really got married. We talked about all kinds of things with us and made some vows. It was just...very intimate and deep.

December 25th:
I drove the whole gang including the MIL to Lance's Aunt's house for Christmas. We put together a fantastic spread and had a great dinner. Lance's family loved me and think I am the greatest cook since ever. His grandmother is very sweet and was very excited to meet me. Sylvia behaved fairly well and we made it back to the MIL's place safely and fully fed.
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So things are not going so great with the MIL. She's nice. I just...am not happy. In interests of saving our future relationship as relatives, I'm moving out. I'm headed up to Cinci. I'll fit in better there and everything. I should be up there around the middle of January, although I am getting things together and moved up there the middle of December.

In other news, Old Navy has this sale that makes me want to buy clothes...but I really am having a hard time talking myself into it. Blech. I don't really *need* clothes, but it would be nice to have a few more articles of clothes.


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