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Thank you for reminding me when I am sad and lonely that you are there looking out for me. I am positive that the following story is evidence of you smiling on me.

Sly decided to unwrap half her gifts today. She did so while completely nude of course. Because what is the fun of opening packages in your underpants?!?

Then later tonight she got upset when I told her that we put out cookies for Santa (because of course Santa comes to our house on Yule Eve) but we don't eat any ourselves. So we had a cookie before bed time. Then we put out the cookie for Santa.

I heard a noise in the living room so I go out to check and the cookie is missing. Sly had gotten up and snatched it and had eaten ALL of it before I got in there...Then she tells me I'll have to put out a new cookie for Santa because "this one was GOOD."

I chuckle and send her off to bed. Then I hear singing again and go into the living room. Sly is standing next to the coffee table naked, singing random songs and looks up at me to smile. She says "Santa wants another cookie Mama..." and then giggles.

Little scamp. Gods I love her.
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